The machine is the first one to be exhibited in Asia, which incorporated tufting, trimming and end-rounding into one entity, by which the toothbrush tufting, trimming & end-rounding will be finalized simultaneously by the fully auto-matic operation. So 50 % of manpower will be saved.

The floor square required will be smaller because of the fact that two machines (OWN'S-IOO+OWN'3-60) are incorporated into one entity.

Trimming & end-rounding facilities are installed privately in the seal-cabinet located in the lower part of the machine, in which there is a special container for collecting nylon crumbs which will stay clean around the machine.

The machine has two parts, upper & lower, the upper part is fully same with OWN'S-100 just for tufting. (It is optional for 2 colour or 3 colour.) The lower part is for trimming & end-rounding. [It is optional for flat type (just like OWN'S-60) or special type-waved, toothed or segmental types (just like OWN'S-61)].

One single creative diamond-polishing wheel replaces 8 ones with the different size, which have the brush rounded much more better than before.

Compared with the European machines with the same mode, the price of OWN'S-160 is quite low.
Capacity T/brush holes tufted/1~66 holes
Output 250-290 tufts/min
Shape Any various types of irregular arrangement of T/brush holes
Motor 1/10HP1 ; 1/6HP1 ; 1/2HP2
Voltage 220V (singlephase)
Air fiow 5-7kgs/cm
Air pressure 15L/min/10pcs(1/2HP)
Dimention 7070150cm
Packing dimention 8585165cm
N.W. 200kgs
G.W. 285kgs

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