A set of adjustable cam, clamp & handle chute.


The components of OWN 'S-100 are 30% fewer than those of the old-mode OWN'S-51, but its productive speed is enhanced up to 4-0 % .

80 % of OWN'S-100 is made of the special aluminium alloy for the navigational industry under the hardening treatment. Also the appearance through CAD computer drawing design is produced by the combination of the segmental frame of two pieces of alloy and the solid streamlined shape with the different stratum of the concave & convex construction, which will exhibit greatly the perfect visual effect of physique and beauty. And the cover packing design will reduce the noise.

The motion of OWN'S-100 is quite smooth & accurate because of the new-fashioned X & Y slide rest having the precise shaft bearing of the linear motion.

Originatively universal clamp, cam & handle chute can suit the production of any various shapes of toothbrushes out of the characteristic of their repeated adjustment, which will save much time & capital for the new clamp, cam & handle chute making to match each shape's change.

Latest-designed protective installation to keep needles from bumping, which will make brush tufted under the fixed setting reading of air pressure. The protective installation will open automatically to stop tufting if air pressure is over the setting reading, which will prevent needles from breaking & cracking.

During tufting, some special situations, the mechanical breakdown or the insufficient suply of nylon, handles & flat brass wire, will be informed through the indicating light & the alarm sound working.

The machine itself has no the computer installation & PC controller, so there is no any trouble in maintenance & repair.

The latest-created mode, OWN'S-lOOC, specializes in 3colour toothbrush making.
Capacity T/brush holes tufted/1~66 holes
Output 250-290 tufts/min
Shape Any various types of irregular arrangement of T/brush holes
Motor 1/6HP
Voltage 220V-240V 50HZ~60HZ
Kilowatts 220W
Air pressure 5-7kgs/cm²
Air fiow 3L/min/10pcs(1/8HP)
Dimention 7070150cm
Packing dimention 8585165cm
N.W 110kgs
G.W. 195kgs

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