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WAN HSIN TOOTHBRUSH MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. was established in 1977 and has adhered to the business aim in "Permanent Business Running" and "Non- seeking Short-sighted Advantage". The founder of the company, Mr. Wen-Chi Wong, the age of 50s, had been working at the most famous toothbrush factory in Taiwan since 13 years old. After the long period of hard working  & diligent learning there, he not simply possesses tremendously rich experience in the practically technical operation and also has a good knowledge of the construction of the whole plant machinery & equipments for toothbrush manufacturing. In addition, he himself has already gone through the evolution of the production of toothbrush making equipments for 30 years in Taiwan.


In truth, we are a professional plant with the rich experience & good credit to supply the whole plant machinery & equipments for toothbrush making, by which our machines have been supplied abundantly to 80% of the local toothbrush manufacturers in Taiwan, and also exported to a lot of countries worldwide, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sudan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Mexico. Malaysia, Philippines. Indonesia, Thailand, Hongkong and Mainland China...etc.-After many years constant research & development, our machines have been made a great deal of unprecedented advance in the improvement & originality by the use of Hi-tech techniques, equipments & material. Besides, we have stuck fast to the selling principle of "high quality & low price", So, compared with the Japanese machinery, the price of our machinery is quite low but quality is never devalued, by which no wonder that our machines have won lots of recognition, praise & reputation both in domestic & over-seas markets.In recent years, our plant has constantly made a great deal of investment & energy in the new machine's invention & research, through which our OWN'S brand machines not only have possessed the unprecedented breakthrough & originality, but also we are so proud of ourselves-made high quality products with the international standard accepted & used generally.


At present, our company has already bought the land with 4000 m² in square located in the technological area for the professional machinery manufacturing in Kuan Shi of Hsinchu City, which is ready for our new plant establishing. Besides, in 3~5 years from now, we are planning to make a great deal of investment amounting 15% of annual turnover in development and innovation, through which we are convinced the quality of machinery for toothbrush making will be lifted further. At last, we will continue our efforts so that our OWN'S machines can become the popular & noticeable brand around the world in the future.

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